Tablet Rent

Tablet rental for business

Are you looking for tablets to rent? For example for an event, exam or training? Are you in need of a temporary solution for your company related tablet needs? At we can offer you the tablet rental you need. Our employees are well trained and experienced within this area. Our expertise and 15 years of rental experience can accommodate you to gain the best possible solution to your needs. We offer flexibility in pricing and rental period. We have a huge warehouse of 20.000 m² in The Netherlands. This means we always have the tablet you need in stock!

The tablets will be delivered, ready-to-use, within 24 hours at a location and time of your choice. We can not only deliver in the Netherlands, but in all European countries. If you run into any unexpected or technical problems, our crew will immediately provide you with a solution, repair or replacement products. We can make sure that we send in on-site support as quickly as possible.

If you are pleased with the rental tablets and want to keep them, you can buy these after the rental period for a competitive price!


Not only do we take your needs into account, but also the environment’s. All our tablets are used for as long as possible and are later disposed in a social responsible manner. By renting tablets you can help reduce the demand for new IT-equipment. This can help save a lot on valuable raw materials. If you choose to rent tablets you can help extend the life-cycle of IT products. Don’t forget that this is also a good opportunity to save on expenses!